EXPAND REACH welcomes our newest member to the Team: Zach Dunn!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Zach Dunn who is joining Expand Reach as our newest Recruitment Specialist. Zach will help us in expanding our network of Professional candidates and helping them find new career and advancement opportunities. Together with our team of Recruiting experts, he is looking forward to helping our Clients… Read More »

Best practices for networking with recruiters

Many professionals are taking advantage of the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer with it opening access to more opportunities, compared to traditional methods. Means of networking and finding job opportunities feel much more attainable, but you may not have tapped into its full potential if you haven’t taken advantage of networking with recruiters.  This… Read More »

Employees and Job Seekers are looking for change: What Employers can do to keep and attract Talent!

In 2020, we saw many companies changing the way they operate, and we also saw many organization having to make massive layoffs due to the pandemic hitting the stop button on the world.   As we have gone through the ups and downs over the past year and a half of this pandemic, we are… Read More »

Benefits of working with a recruiter

You may think that by applying to many job postings online, you can successfully land a job on your own.  “So, why should I work with a recruiter?”   As more people are getting their first and second doses of vaccines, and life is looking to reach a normal sooner than expected, companies are anticipating… Read More »

Recruitment Strategy: Hire for Success through Diversity Hiring

No matter where you are in the world, businesses everywhere are trying to find that perfect formula in building the best team they can.  In recent years, many employers have come to realize that formula is diversity.   Workplace diversity is the acceptance and embrace of the differences between employees in demographics, education, experience, beliefs,… Read More »

Preparing for the interview with the Hiring Manager

After speaking with a recruiter, you were able to land an opportunity to meet with the hiring manager and you are thinking, “this is going to be easy”, right?  Wrong!   Talking with a recruiter is just the first step in the hiring process where the recruiter gets a good idea of your abilities and… Read More »

Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

If you had asked business owners and their employees in January 2020 whether they think remote working would work for them, I think you will find mixed responses and a majority who would still be in support of in-person interactions and collaboration in the office.  While some companies had been planning for some form of… Read More »

Navigating the challenges with starting a job remotely

For over a year now, many of us made a partial or full transition to remote working.  This is especially challenging for those who have started a new job remotely during this time.  It can be daunting when you’re starting off in a new work environment and not know how things get done.   Do… Read More »

Good Things Happen when HR, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters work together

We often hear the stories about the challenges recruiters face when working with their client’s internal HR team and hiring managers to find a candidate for a job opening.  We also hear a lot of complaints from HR personnel and hiring managers about recruiters not being able to find the talent that they are looking… Read More »


We are very excited to introduce the latest addition to Expand Reach, Eric Tran, who will be joining our recruitment team as a Recruitment Specialist. Eric is looking forward to connecting with different Professionals and Job Seekers and helping them find new career and advancement opportunities. He will become an integral part of the success… Read More »