4 things to avoid saying to a recruiter

First impressions matter, no matter who you talk to. This also holds true when you’re going through any job application processes and you’re talking to a Recruiter.  Many people think that recruiters are just the messenger between you and the hiring manager, but recruiters are an integral aspect to the hiring process.  They are tasked with the responsibility of qualifying candidates and presenting the best applications for the hiring manager to review.  Whether your application gets through to the hiring manager or not is in the hands of the recruiter.  Therefore, it is especially important to build a positive rapport with the recruiter and here are 4 things you should avoid saying to a recruiter at all costs.


1.Bad mouthing your past employers:

One of the golden rules when talking to anyone involved during the hiring and interviewing process is to avoid speaking negatively about your past employers, team members, or managers in detail. Sometimes the relationship between you and your previous employer may not have ended in the best way, but it’s still important to not sound like someone who holds grudges or has a disgruntled attitude.  Even if the circumstance of the situation is unique, it would be recommended to just state what had happened without elaborating based on any negative emotions. Speaking ill of your past employer would reflect poorly on your character and if common enough it could make it seem like you are the troublemaker instead and could raise concerns able your ability to be part of a team. Approach these types of question professionally by revealing how you coped with the less-than-ideal situations and why you are looking to find a better situation in a new position.


2.“It’s on my resume”:

Or any phrase that sounds confrontational such “did you not read my resume” is best to be avoided. There is a very good chance that the recruiter has gone through your resume and wants to hear from the candidate personally to see if anything was left out and make sure everything still lines up. When they ask questions about your resume and experience, they are not questioning you as if they don’t believe you, but more so to evaluate your ability to clearly communicate ideas to others.  They are also looking to see if you understand the position and company that you’re applying to by seeing whether your responses are on point and relevant.


3.“I’m open to any opportunities”:

It is common to lose confidence when going on a prolonged job search, however it is important to not let recruiters know that you are desperate. This could be a sign for recruiters that you show instability and that you could be a potential flight risk at any stage of the hiring and interviewing process.  A recruiter’s responsibility is to find the best possible match to what their client is looking for, but also to gauge the seriousness and interest of the candidate.


Phrases like this also demonstrate a lack of passion or enthusiasm for the position you applied for and show that you are not focused. Instead of letting the recruiter know that you’re open to any opportunity, inform them that you’re interested to openings that are suited to your skills and experience. This shows that you are serious about looking for work and that you are willing to take the time to find the right fit.


4.“That’ll do”:

Phrases like this show a lack of passion and interest in the conversation or potentially the position that you’ve applied to.  Recruiters want to make sure that the opportunities presented align with your career goals and that you are interested in taking that new step forward. It is important to sound interested when talking to recruiters as they are trying to help you find a position where you would be able to stay for the long term.  It is important to build rapport with a recruiter as they play an important role in deciding whether the decision makers even get to see your application.


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