Why you should work with a recruiter:

Looking for a new job can be daunting and time consuming, whether you are looking to leave your current position for a new opportunity or looking to enter / reenter the workforce. Sometimes you don’t know the right places to look for a new position, creating the perfect resume, or just waiting to hear back from the hiring organization on your application. Working with a recruiter could help you streamline your application and help provide an ease of mind on your application. Here are a few reasons why you should work with a recruiter.


Insight into the company and job

Recruiters may have more information on what their client is looking for and would be able to identify what candidates the clients want best.  They collect information about their clients and the job openings that might not be on the job description to help you discover if a position would be a good fit or not so you can avoid wasting time and applying to the job.  With this understanding, they are also able to highlight your skills and experience to their clients to make your profile more visible to them.  Other information that recruiters may have include insight to the company culture, especially if they have had a long relationship with the hiring managers/company.   All this additional information would allow you to determine whether the position and/or company is a good fit for you before you even apply or speak with the company directly.


You have direct and more access to opportunities

When looking for a new job you might not be able to have access to all the job openings that are available at the time. Companies may opt not to post their positions on their online and rather instead to go through a recruiting agency to assist with their search.

By working with a recruiter, you would gain access to more opportunities that are confidentially advertised and would help increase your opportunity to receiving the position you want.  Sometimes companies may only use a recruiter exclusively to fill their internal positions.  This allows the hiring manager to avoid having to go through a pool of candidates to find the profiles and your application going unnoticed. Usually, a recruiter will pick a handful of candidates and will be able to recommend your profile (if you’re a good fit for the position) among a few others, greater reducing your competition as you’re one of a few who would be seen by the hiring manager.


Simplifying the interviewing and hiring process

Working with a recruiter can help simplify the interviewing and hiring process.  Recruiters will be able to help guide you through the entire process with the company from applying to the position to negotiating and accepting the offer. Recruiters will also be able to help try to get feedback from your interviews for you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and whether the company is interested or not. Since they work with the hiring managers, they will also be able to help provide insight to what the employer will be looking for and help you highlight your most relevant qualifications.


Career Advice

When people look for new positions, they may not be familiar with what the market trends are or what the job opportunity landscape looks like.  Recruiters spend most of their time understanding the job market and they can help advise you with the information on current market trends, competitive salaries, and how to leverage your knowledge, skills, and experience against your competition. Recruiters can also provide advice on building your resume, how to prepare for interviews and whether the opportunity at hand is truly a good match for you or not.


All in all, there are no downsides in reaching out to a recruiter for assistance during your job search. Recruiters would be able to provide insight into the roles and company that you would not have access to when applying alone, while they would also be able to help assist your application to be noticed in a sea of candidates applying for the same role.


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