Why being a proactive job seeker is the key to securing your next job

With the new year fast approaching, businesses are ahead into the new year and are thinking of how they can start 2021 with their best foot forward — including what talent they bring to their team.  This presents the perfect opportunity for you as a job seeker, to refine your approach and be proactive so… Read More »

How Organizations can help their Employees be Successful while Working Remotely

More than ever before, businesses are shifting their employees to remote working as COVID-19 resurges everywhere across the country and the world.  With more people working from home, this means less time spent physically together.  Studies have shown the importance of human interaction as we are social beings and recent surveys conducted has highlighted that… Read More »

Changing jobs during COVID-19 and adverse effect of cognitive bias

“A bird in the hand is worth more than a bird in the bush.”   If you have been thinking about making a job change but have been putting off your search due to COVID, you may be wasting valuable time and chances without realizing it.  You may have been approached by recruiters and turned… Read More »

Why Candidates are Turning Down your Job Offers

With the difficulty of finding strong talent becoming a bigger and bigger challenge, it is very important that you secure the talent once you’ve identified a strong candidate for your team. However, more and more companies are now facing situations where candidates are turning down job offers and not accepting positions.   To ensure that… Read More »

Dealing with Rejection: Next Steps After an Unsuccessful Interview

It’s hard not to take rejection after a job interview personally. Some people have to face rejection from potential employers more times than others, and it is extremely unmotivating.  If you are searching for new opportunities these past several months, you may face even more rejections during COVID-19.   You must overcome these rejections and… Read More »

A Safe Return Back to the Workplace during COVID-19

After nearly six months of COVID-19 mandatory shutdowns, most businesses were forced to change the ways they operate during this time.  The pandemic alone has cause fear and stress to everyday life, and as businesses and offices slowly reopen, every worker has one more thing to worry about.   “What is the post-COVID-19 workplace going… Read More »

Video Interviews – Making Adjustments to a New Normal

Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming more normalized and especially with the pandemic, you can likely expect this for your next interview.  Videos interviews comes with a new set of challenges that you would not have to worry about during an in-person interview. Whether you are a recent graduate just starting out in the job market an… Read More »

Keeping up with the Times: A New Normal in the Recruitment and Onboarding Process

With COVID-19 shutting down economies around the world, most people have been staying home for physical distancing and stopping the spread of the virus, but business must go on.  Those companies that have always adopted remote working were not affected much, but those that were not set up properly for remote access had a tougher… Read More »

How to stand out in a sea of candidates

With the added flexibility of working from home now the norm for many, it is a great time to take a look again at your paper and digital resume to see how you can stand out in a sea of candidates.   It does not have to be a challenge to get your resume noticed… Read More »

Making the most out of speaking with a Candidate’s Professional Reference

After going through rounds and rounds of interviews, you’ve finally narrowed it down to the best available candidate.  You’re ready to make an offer, but you just want to do your due diligence and conduct reference checks to make sure your assessments about the candidate is correct.   Here are a few tips to ensure… Read More »