Video Interviews – Making Adjustments to a New Normal

Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming more normalized and especially with the pandemic, you can likely expect this for your next interview.  Videos interviews comes with a new set of challenges that you would not have to worry about during an in-person interview. Whether you are a recent graduate just starting out in the job market an expert interviewee, it is important to keep in mind all factors that can affect the outcome of your interview.


The following are a few quick reminders so that you are well prepared for a video interview and avoid any technical and non-technical difficulties that can arise to ensure your interview goes as smoothly as possible.


Ensure your computer is up to date

You may think that the risk of your computer software causing interruptions during your interview are low, but it is still a possibility. Something like automatic updates can reboot your computer in the middle of your interview and therefore cutting it short. This can be an indicator for the interviewer that you did not come well prepared and are unorganized. This is something that can be easily avoided by taking a little time days ahead of your interview to make sure that all software and firmware are up to date.


Double check your hardware and software

Make sure that you double check all your hardware and software to ensure that there will not be any issue the day of your interview. You will want to install and test the video conference software that is used for the video interview as you may be required to set up an account.  Make sure you know how to join the virtual meeting and test your camera and microphone. Every video conference software has built in tools to test your video and microphone settings and you can also ask a friend or family member to check the quality of your video and sound with you on a call.  On the day of your interview, make sure that you have internet connection with a strong signal.  If you are using a laptop, ensure that it is fully charged and plugged in during the interview.


Dress to impress

Just because you are at the comfort of your home, does not mean you should show up to your video interview dressed in your PJ’s. Just like any interview, first impressions are critical, and you should come dressed for the position you are applying for. It is always safer to be overdressed than being under-dressed and if you are unsure of the dress code, it never hurts to ask.


Be aware of your surroundings and go somewhere free of distractions

You want to find yourself a well-lit room free from cluster and distractions. Distractions at home can come up unexpectedly and these can be both visual and auditory. Let the people in your home know about your interview and to give you some privacy and quiet during that time.


Position your webcam accordingly

Once you have found the space in your home for your interview, you want to make sure you set up your camera in the best position possible.  Avoid having your back to a window as it will make your face appear dark on camera.  Make sure you clear up any messy space as it can be distracting and may give the interviewer an indication about you as not being organized.  There should be a comfortable amount of space between you and your camera so that it is not pointed too close to your face.  You want to have your camera on a flat surface at eye level about 1-2 feet away from you so that you can be seen from the chest up.


Knowing that everything is set up properly should help reduce some of your stress going into your interview.  Be yourself and show the interviewer why you would be the right choice for the position.  Show your interest in the position and company throughout the interview and ask relevant prepared questions. During these past couple of months, we have seen a drop in job openings with hiring managers and recruiters are screening candidates more thoroughly than before. As the economy slowly reopens, you will start to see more job openings once again so be prepared for when those opportunities show up in front of you.


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