Improving Employee Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

An organization’s success is a combination of vision, leadership, and its team. Employees are the driving force behind idea generation and transforming that idea into reality. Without its employees, an organization cannot function, be productive or profitable.   The COVID-19 pandemic has made business leaders realize the importance of employee health and wellbeing and its… Read More »

Streamlining your job search

How to Use Job Alerts to Streamline Your Job Search In today’s competitive job market, staying updated with the latest openings is crucial to the success of your job search. Even if you find your dream job though hours of scrolling, there may already be hundreds of applicants who have already applied before you.  And… Read More »

Pay Transparency: The Benefits and Challenges

Conversations about compensation has always been a topic that was considered taboo as employers hide this information behind privacy reasons, and employees are simply afraid to discuss with others. However, people are starting to do more research online to see what others in their positions and with their experience levels are being paid. And with… Read More »

How to build a relationship with a recruiter

There are many different methods to search for new job opportunities and one great way is to work with Professional Recruiter like Expand Reach as they would be able to help put your resume in front of hiring managers instead of being buried in a pile of resume. Maintaining your relationship with a professional recruiter… Read More »

The Future of Recruitment: AI Recruiting

Comparing recruitment processes of today to what they were 50 years ago, some may argue that very little has changed, while the world around us is almost unrecognizable to what it was.  Recruitment has always been a long and tedious process that requires lots of time and effort, and even when you think you found… Read More »

Why Mentioning Your Salary to a Recruiter Could Be Beneficial to You

You may have seen many suggestions on websites where the title mentions “never tell your salary to a recruiter, here’s why”. Unfortunately, I would consider this an outdated rule and it could in fact work against you. Recruiters are experts in terms of knowing the type of candidates their potential employers are looking for and… Read More »

Reliability of Professional References

When it comes to hiring, businesses large or small, and no matter what the industry they are in, there’s one step that everyone considers for when making a decision on a candidate.   We’re of course talking about the professional reference being part of the recruitment and hiring process.   From the early days of getting a… Read More »

Staying Positive and Motivated During Your Job Search: Tips and Strategies

Job hunting has been an extremely hard experience these days.  Constant news about layoffs by industry leaders across different sectors does not make things any better.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even burnt out when you send hundreds of applications, and you don’t even get a response.  And when you finally see a… Read More »

Employee Retention Strategies

Today, people are constantly looking for the next “best thing” as a way of finding stability and security given the economic conditions of the market.  This includes employees who are looking for new job opportunities that give them more pay, better benefits, and opportunities to grow into leadership roles.  As a result, employers must get… Read More »

Questions to prepare for an interview

With many new year resolutioners looking to make big changes at the start of a new year, changing jobs is one of the top items on most people’s lists. And when people are looking for a new job, the first thing that they do is update your resume, send out your applications, and wait for… Read More »