Staying Positive and Motivated During Your Job Search: Tips and Strategies

Job hunting has been an extremely hard experience these days.  Constant news about layoffs by industry leaders across different sectors does not make things any better.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even burnt out when you send hundreds of applications, and you don’t even get a response.  And when you finally see a… Read More »

Employee Retention Strategies

Today, people are constantly looking for the next “best thing” as a way of finding stability and security given the economic conditions of the market.  This includes employees who are looking for new job opportunities that give them more pay, better benefits, and opportunities to grow into leadership roles.  As a result, employers must get… Read More »

Questions to prepare for an interview

With many new year resolutioners looking to make big changes at the start of a new year, changing jobs is one of the top items on most people’s lists. And when people are looking for a new job, the first thing that they do is update your resume, send out your applications, and wait for… Read More »

Questions Employers should not ask during interviews

Happy New Year!  As we begin to make plans at the start of a new year, hiring is always at the top of mind of many businesses.  With every hire, companies go through a lengthy and costly process to identify a suitable candidate for their team.  Sometimes, interviewers must ask many different questions to gather… Read More »

Success in 2024 for Job Seekers

It’s been a crazy year in the job market for 2023. You would go on LinkedIN and see many people with green banners (#OpenToWork) and layoffs all over the news due to budget constraints and other factors. 2024 could be a wildcard depending on what economical conditions we will face. No matter what the situation… Read More »

New Legislation in Ontario – The Working For Workers (continued…)

Over the past few weeks, there have been lots of activity surrounding workplace laws with new legislation, under Ontario’s Bill 79, receiving royal assent and proposed legislation being introduced by the Ontario government to expand on the Working for Workers Act that have been introduced over the pass couple of years to protect and support… Read More »

Mastering the basics – Cover letter

The job market has been very tough over the past couple of years and job seekers are trying very hard to differentiate themselves from the crowd.  One of the most tedious things to do as part of any job search process is writing an attention-grabbing cover letter that can give you that extra 30 seconds… Read More »

Managing a Team Through Layoffs

In today’s economic conditions, organizations are often faced with difficult decisions and sometimes that includes downsizing their workforce.  It is crucial for business leaders and managers to lead your teams through this process with empathy and professionalism because those who are laid off as a result will be going through a difficult time.  And it’s… Read More »

When it is time to look for a new job

There are times of ups and downs in life and the same can be said about your work life as well.  If you ever find yourself questioning your job and whether it is right for you, rest assure you’re not alone.  When you are working, you find yourself buried in the day-to-day responsibilities and you… Read More »

Canada is losing Talent to Remote Opportunities Globally

With the world making a major shift to remote work since 2020, some businesses have slowly began reverting back to in-person work this year, while many are pushing forward with the newfound love for remote work and the advantages that it has brought to their businesses.  One such advantage is capitalizing on talent and skills… Read More »