Why you should not accept a counteroffer

Congrats! You have made it all the way to the end of the application process and have received an offer from your potential new employer. All that is left for you to do is give your notice to your current employer and onto a new journey you go.   Just when you think every is… Read More »

Why you should not focus on money when looking for a new job

When job seekers look for a new position, they usually do so for various reasons.  But no matter what the reasons may be, a lot of attention seems to be focused on the monetary aspect when it’s time to decide whether the position is right for them.  While monetary compensation is important, one’s decision on… Read More »

Electronic monitoring and what to expect with Bill 88

  With the rise of remote and hybrid work, the topic of electronic monitoring has been a topic of discussion throughout the Covid era.  From the employers’ side, they want to track performance to ensure there is no drop off while the staff is working from the comforts of their homes unsupervised.  For employees, they… Read More »

How to increase job prospects as a new graduate

Finding a job right out of school can be a difficult task for many and there are many factors that can influence your employability right after graduation. Here are 4 tips that can help you prepare and be ahead of the competition before you graduate.   1) Understand industry trends It is important to understand… Read More »

Don’t let non-competes stop you from taking on a new opportunity

Signing contracts can be a mix of emotions as it can be very exciting to start a new position, but at the same time can be quite intimidating as you read through pages of clauses filled with unfamiliar jargon that could confuse anyone. One example of those scary clauses is non-competes and most people understand… Read More »

How to better handle job rejections

Whether you just graduated or looking for a new job due to unforeseen circumstances, job searching can be tough and getting rejected from multiple jobs could negatively affect your mental state and confidence.   Rejections are as much a part of our daily lives as it is during one’s job search and interviewing process.  No… Read More »

Tips to help you get your desired job

If you are not working in a high demand career, it can be hard and tiresome when trying to find a new position. To have a successful job search, you need to have a plan that will help you stand out to recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers to land your desired job.  Here are 4… Read More »

4 Questions That Recruiters Like To Ask

Looking for a new position can be challenging, so being prepared for interviews is very important. It is not enough to just have a strong resume anymore as you are competing with many other candidates whose resume are just as strong and therefore you must be well prepared for your interview to truly stand out.… Read More »

How to ask for a raise in a professional way

Asking for a raise can be a nervous and uncomfortable conversation with your employer, but it is essential for your continued growth in your career and financial goals. This conversation should not be dismissed or shied away from but brought forward and discussed at the right time.   Below are some tips that will help… Read More »

5 Simple Questions You Should Ask to Impress Your Interviewers

Asking the right questions during an interview can help increase your chances at landing the job.  Have you ever found yourself lost for words and your mind blanks out when the interviews asks you, “Now, do you have any questions for us?”   Most of the time people are unprepared and find themselves saying something… Read More »