When it is time to look for a new job

There are times of ups and downs in life and the same can be said about your work life as well.  If you ever find yourself questioning your job and whether it is right for you, rest assure you’re not alone.  When you are working, you find yourself buried in the day-to-day responsibilities and you don’t have the time to think about the job itself until one day you wake up, you don’t know why, but you just want out.  If you find yourself feeling that way, it is time to explore new opportunities that will provide a more positive influence on your current situation.  However, you never want to be in that situation where one day things are fine, and then the next you are feeling miserable.  To avoid this, here are 4 signs that you should look out for and assess from time to time as they may be indicators for when it might be time to look for a new job.


Not feeling challenged

When you start to not feel challenged with your role, it could be because you feel like you have outgrown the position and you’re simply doing the same tasks repeatedly. Think about when the last time you were pushed out of your comfort zone, or you learned a new skill, or you took on new responsibilities.

It is important to be able to consistently learn new skills, as it makes you better overall in your profession. You are only able to grow your career when you’re able to continuously improve yourself and push your limits of what you can accomplish.


Negative work environment

The people you work with are an important part of your job. It’s normal to have occasional conflicts, or not get along with your employer or coworkers from time to time, but continuous conflicts can develop tension in the workplace.

Continuing to work in a negative work environment is not good for you, as it also affects your enthusiasm for the role, which could negatively affect your overall well-being, adding strain to your physical and mental health.  It is important to keep an eye out on your own well-being and whether your job is affecting your sleep/physically exhausting/mentally draining. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than your well-being.


Lack of growth

Everyone has a plan of seeing how their professional career grows. One of the reasons people are looking for a new position is due to the lack of growth in your current organization. Whether you were not considered for a promotion or a new position, or if there is just a lack of growth available at the organization.

If you’re being overlooked or the employer can’t offer you growth opportunities in the foreseeable future, it might be time to start looking elsewhere.  When you first take a job and join a new company, you begin with high enthusiasm and optimism for the future with the team.  But if those things begin to change, no matter how much you love the role and hate change, stagnant feelings will slowly mount and since you are not able to continue your professional development you will lose motivation eventually.


You are simply not happy

Sometimes, you know it is time simply because you are just not happy with your job.  Whether you are unhappy with your work environment, not feeling motivated or lacking pay, there is no better indicator than your level of happiness as it relates to your job.  When you wake up each morning and you are dreading the idea of going to work, or you find yourself watching the clock all day to see if it’s 5 o’clock, you do not want to be there.


Now before you start walking to your manager’s office and put in your resignation, look back to the past few months and consider the points above.  Have you reached the point of no return in your current job or is it a situation where a simple conversation with your manager about your future with the company can reignite your spark once again.

And if you’ve done all the above and you’re still feeling this way, it may be time to consider other options for yourself.  Sure, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and the thought of leaving your job can leave one feeling nervous, but it is important to recognize the signs and when there are more pros than cons to leaving your job, you need to give yourself that boost of confidence to take that leap to seek out a new challenge.


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