How AI tools are making it easier for Job Seekers

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has had its fair share of praises and criticism.  In the early days of AI, most people generally thought of robots acting like humans. Nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind about AI is ChatGPT or other generative AI chatbots that can converse with you and answer all of life’s questions.


With such a powerful tool at our fingertips, people are finding new methods to increase their productivity.  For one, companies and organizations are using AI tools, such as their applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate much of their hiring process.  As a job seeker, why not level the playing field by using AI yourself when you’re searching for a new position?


Let’s review how AI can be helpful in your job search and what are some things to be careful with:



Using AI to Tailor your Resume & Cover Letters


One way using AI can be especially helpful is early in the job seeking process to effortlessly generate, format, and tailor resume and cover letters for specific jobs with a few simple commands and clicks.  Keep in mind that many of the AI generative chatbots that are available today are still in early phases of development. Using machine learning, it collects information that it can find to formulate its response and if the information is limited, the response will be as well.  It may still require a lot of input from you to describe your experiences, expertise, education, and skills.  But for those who simply cannot get their resume to look and sound right, this tool can take you 90% of the way and you just must make the final edits and put in the finishing touches to make it unique to you.

If you don’t make any edits, you run the risk that your resume and cover letter make look like the hundreds and thousands of others who are also using the same tool with the same machine learning technology.  If recruiters and hiring managers see too many resume that look almost identical, they will begin to suspect that a resume was produced using AI and may judge an applicant based on that alone (depending on a company’s view on the use of AI).



Using AI to find Companies and Jobs


Once you have your resume and cover letter generated and tailored, you want to send it out to as many companies as you can and here’s another way AI can help you to do that effortlessly.  Once you’ve identified the type of positions, companies, and industries you’re interested in, AI can generate company and job postings lists based on the criteria that you input (location, job titles, type of company, type of industry, size of company, etc.).  For example, you can search “Provide a list of entry-level opportunities for companies in the manufacturing industries”, and AI will generate a list of companies with potential job openings.


As mentioned earlier, AI is still in the early stages of development, and it is not without errors or faults.  Always double check if the actual listing is available on the company website/job board and do your due diligence and research about the company. Tying in from our previous post with Identifying Fake Job Postings, false job advertisements can easily be created through AI as well. AI systems may not be able to distinguish between a real or fake ad, and it ends up in your results when using tools such as ChatGPT.



AI is the Future – Personal and Professional Use and Growth


AI generative tools are always evolving, and the world is only going to be relying on it more and more.  Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient and right now AI seems to be the answer they’re looking for.  With major tech companies like Microsoft (already invested $13 billion to OpenAI) and Google heavily investing into R&D of AI, it is next major technological shift in the market.


Learning how to use AI will not only increase work efficiency, but it may become a standard requirement for many jobs soon.  By becoming an early adopter of AI, it can give you a head start for the technological shift and put you ahead of your competition.  Furthermore, AI is also beginning to spread into our daily lives and the way we do things.  Therefore, it is not just a tool meant for your professional career, but it may also become an integral part of our lives.


Over the course of human history, there have been several major progresses that we’ve made. From the invention of fire to the invention of agriculture, to the industrial revolution, to the invention of computers and the internet, we’ve adapted and advanced together.  AI is looking like the next major progress for us and the earlier you can learn it, the faster you can advance ahead of your competition.



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