How to build a relationship with a recruiter

There are many different methods to search for new job opportunities and one great way is to work with Professional Recruiter like Expand Reach as they would be able to help put your resume in front of hiring managers instead of being buried in a pile of resume. Maintaining your relationship with a professional recruiter is key to helping you take that next step in your career. Here are 3 ways you can build a better relationship with a professional recruiter so that can better guide and assist you in your journey to find new job opportunities:


1. Maintain constant communication


It is important to regularly communicate with your recruiter and responding quickly is a great way to show your genuine interest in new opportunities and the ones that they present to you. It also helps when you respond quickly to move the application and interview process along without delays and it can be as efficient and effective as possible.  Furthermore, maintaining constant communication helps keep you at the top of the mind of the recruiter and the hiring managers that you are introduced to.


You also want to set specific agreed timelines with your recruiter to follow up also allows the recruiter to know that you are still actively looking.  Recruiters are constantly connecting and speaking with new candidates on a daily basis and at times, it may be difficult to keep track of everyone that’s interested or not interest, and available or not available.  Open communication goes both ways and it will only help if you also regularly follow up to avoid “slipping through the cracks” at any point during the interview process.


2. Transparency is key


Being transparent with your recruiter is vital in maintaining a relationship with them and in many ways can be to your advantage because it allows your recruiter to truly understand and be a good representative for you. The goal of your recruiter is to assist you and find a role that aligns with what you are looking for and without truthful responses from you, they will be unable to match you to your dream job and find you the organizations you want to be part of.


You want to be honest with your what you’re looking (motivations) and what you are looking for next (goals). This allows the recruiter to better understand what would work for you and what you would possibly be open to. It is also important to share with recruiters where you have applied to as well, as they would not reapply to companies that you have already sent your application to or even interviewed with.  This would reflect badly both on you and your recruiter because the potential employer would feel like there is a disconnect between the two of you.


Furthermore, if you are going through any other interviews or if you have been presented with an offer, it is best that you communicate this information to your recruiter if you are more interested in the opportunities that they have presented you for two reasons:


  • They can help speed up the interview process by encouraging the hiring manager for the opportunity that you’re interested in by letting them know you have other opportunities / offers you’re considering. If the hiring manager is interested in you, they would expedite the process.
  • They can help negotiate on your behalf during the offer / negotiation stage by explaining to the hiring manager for the opportunity that you’re interested in that you have other offers and based on what those other offers are, it may get you the best offer with the opportunity that you’re most interested in.


Your recruiter can only help you as much as you share with them, so it’s best to be transparent with your recruiter.


3. Ask for feedback and advice from your recruiter


Recruiters work with many different candidates everyday and they are a great source of information regarding the labour and job markets.  Furthermore, they have a working relationship with the companies that they’re introducing you to so they would have some information about those organizations that you may not otherwise be able to find simply by doing your own research.  They are also a great resource to help with updating your resume to be more personalized for the positions you’re applying for.  Furthermore, they would be able to provide valuable insight on how the interview process, and what interviewers would be looking for so that you may put your best foot forward in the interview.


Having a great relationship with your recruiter can be advantageous during your job search as they not only provide new opportunities you may or may not be aware of, but also advice on market trends, and potentially career advice. This would only happen if you are able to build a relationship with your recruiter and maintaining a good relationship with your recruiter could last a lifetime and be beneficial throughout every stage of your career.


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Photo Credit: Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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