Why Mentioning Your Salary to a Recruiter Could Be Beneficial to You

You may have seen many suggestions on websites where the title mentions “never tell your salary to a recruiter, here’s why”. Unfortunately, I would consider this an outdated rule and it could in fact work against you. Recruiters are experts in terms of knowing the type of candidates their potential employers are looking for and the availability of such talent in the market. Whether you decide to be upfront about it or deflect it as much as possible, eventually that information needs to come out during the process.


Nowadays, it’s better to mention what you are making and what you expect if you were to make a switch into a new job. Let’s explore why being transparent about your salary can be beneficial for both you and the recruitment process.


1)    Same page, Two Winners

First and foremost, discussing your salary expectations early on helps to ensure that you and the employer are on the same page. You wouldn’t want to waste your own time and the recruiter doesn’t want to waste their time and their client’s time. There’s nothing worse than investing time and effort into multiple rounds of interviews, only to realize at the offer stage that the salary falls far below your expectations. By being upfront about your salary requirements in the beginning, you set clear expectations to the recruiter and their client.

If the salary does fall below your expectations, the recruiter can assist you by understanding why the client is offering less and negotiate on your behalf, making the client offer you the salary that was mentioned.  Recruiters always want their candidates to get the highest salary possible as the candidate is more likely to accept the position and still within their client’s salary budget, a win-win situation.


2)    Confidence and Certainty

Mentioning your salary expectations demonstrates confidence and professionalism. It shows that you understand the current market and not afraid to advocate for yourself. Recruiters appreciate candidates who are transparent about their expectations, as it makes the hiring process easier for all parties involved. It also displays your confidence to the employer as well, and that both you and the potential employer know what you are expecting.

Not mentioning your salary expectations to the recruiter may backfire on you, as the recruiter sees that you’re not 100% transparent with them and may second guess if there are other things you may be hiding.  Furthermore, they will not be able to represent and negotiate on your behalf to the best of their abilities because they’re not 100% certain of your situation.


3)    More than just the Salary

Yes, salary is important to everyone, but you must look at the bigger picture. Some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Besides the base salary, what else is in the compensation package (bonuses, stock options, profit sharing, etc)?
  • Is there opportunity for growth and succession planning?
  • Is there flexibility in work hours, hybrid work model, or how far away is the office to your home?
  • Is this the type of company, team, and work that you want to be a part of?


Always look at the bigger picture and ask for reasonable salary expectations.  It’s important to remember that discussing salary is not just about the numbers, but it’s also about aligning values and expectations.



Mentioning your salary expectations to a recruiter can be a strategic move that benefits both you and the recruitment process. It demonstrates confidence, professionalism, and a commitment to transparency, while also ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your skills and experience. By being upfront about your salary requirements, you signal to the employer that you are serious about the role and committed to finding a mutually beneficial arrangement.


The next time you’re faced with salary expectation questions, don’t shy away from the conversation, and use it as an opportunity to advocate for yourself to set the stage for a successful and fulfilling career journey.


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