Conducting a Confidential Search with a Recruitment Firm

Most companies will post their job openings on social media and spread the news through word of mouth when there’s a need to hire for position for the team.  Some companies may even reach out to a trusted Recruitment Firm, such as Expand Reach because of the benefits that comes with having a partner help with your search.


But there are going to be times when your search must remain confidential and posting job openings may just not be an option.  This is when having a trusted recruitment partner can really help and below are a few important points you should be aware when working with a Recruitment firm on a confidential search.

1. How they search

When completing a confidential search, a recruitment firm, such as Expand Reach, will go to great lengths to ensure the confidentiality of the position and the company.  It should be discussed as to when it will be appropriate to disclose to potential candidates any information regarding the company.


A search will be conducted as usual, with the exception that there will be absolutely no advertising or posting about the job opening anywhere to be found.  When potential candidates are identified, the regular screening and qualifying process will begin, and detailed questions will be asked to gather more information about the candidates and qualify them for the position through a series of phone calls and video call.


2. What to expect

Companies usually conduct confidential searches because the position is currently being occupied by someone and they must replace that individual without them being aware of the situation and risk being without someone in that position for weeks or months while they find a replacement.


For a recruitment firm, such as Expand Reach, the reason for needing a replacement is very important.  Having the right information when conducting a search will ensure that the right candidates are presented for the company to review and avoid presenting similar candidates to the person currently being replaced.  The company could be looking because of a lack of / poor performance by the individual currently occupying the position or they are simply a mismatch in personality, attitude and fit to company culture and the team.


Typical questions that could be asked may be:

  • “For this role, what is it about the current employee that is making you and your team look into a possible replacement?”; OR
  • “What, if anything, do you like about the current employee that you’d like to find in potential candidates and what do you feel is missing that you’d like to find?”; OR
  • “What type of experience is needed to be successful in this position?”


When a potential candidate has been identified for the position and there is genuine interest from the candidate, it is necessary for additional background information to be shared to ensure trust between the candidates, the recruitment firm, and the client.  The company information is only released to candidates at the agreed timing between the recruitment firm and the company.  This typically happens when those who have been qualified for the position and will be submitted for the company to review.


Candidates will be submitted for review with their updated resume along with a summary write up about the candidates.  The Candidates will be fully aware of the confidential nature of the search and are asked to remain discreet throughout the process.  And to ensure continued confidentially throughout the process, there will only be communication with the company representatives who has been identified to be involved in the process.  Usually that includes: the HR representative and direct hiring manager, and other senior management members.


3. The Benefits

There are several benefits of using a recruitment firm, such as Expand Reach for a confidential search including:

  • Stress free environment without having to sneak around your team while you search
  • Knowing that your search is being looked after by an external partner in confidence
  • Access to larger pool of candidates and potentially higher quality of the candidates as more time and a team of resources from a recruitment firm can be allocated to the search
  • The amount of time saved as only qualified candidates are presented for review


Overall, when completing a confidential search with a recruitment firm, especially with Expand Reach, you can ensure not only will your searches for this role be confidential from start to finish, but the candidates with the right experience and background will be submitted for each role in a professional and secure way.


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