How to increase job prospects as a new graduate

Finding a job right out of school can be a difficult task for many and there are many factors that can influence your employability right after graduation. Here are 4 tips that can help you prepare and be ahead of the competition before you graduate.


1) Understand industry trends

It is important to understand the industry trends when picking your academic major in school. It is important to know if the industry you’re planning to join is growing or declining and its long-term projection and not join an industry that is slowly phasing out. Understanding these market trends will help you make an informed decision and could also help improve your employability in the long term.

Talking to your school’s career counsellors or professionals in the industry can help you better understand the positions you’re interested in and serve as an insight into the industry.


2) Find a specialized skill

Not all industries are created equal, some industries are overpopulated with candidates, while some are lacking. It is important to understand the reasoning behind the lack of candidates in the market and many times the industry is either phasing out or other industries have attracted they type candidates who were once interested away.

It is beneficial if you can major in an industry that is growing or lacking in specialists as it is easier to find a job and you’ll have a strong likelihood that you’ll be coveted.


3) Attend a career workshop

Attending job fairs, career workshops, and networking events while still in school are great ways to build new networks and learn more about the industry, companies or positions you are interested in. It is also a great way to meet your potential future employers and potentially help you land your first job.

When attending these events, first impressions are important. Dress appropriately and have a list of questions prepared to ask. It is also beneficial to have a clear objective going to these events as it helps keep you focused and avoids any unnecessary distractions.

Here are a couple of tips to help you network with professionals:

  • Make sure you are well informed in the industry you are interested in
  • Ask questions and do not just focus on talking about yourself
  • Ask for any suggestions for other contacts to network with
  • Meet new people through your current network and lastly look for groups that are related to your field of study.


4) Getting experience

Looking to find a job in your field without any experience right after graduating is hard, yet that;s the very thing you need to get hired.  Many new graduates find themselves in this never-ending loop when looking to step into the workforce.  The best method to combat this issue is to be proactive during school by looking for internships, Co-Op, or volunteer experience.  These experiences will be valuable to help you to apply the knowledge you have learned in a real-life setting and have something to show for.  Be open to any opportunities whether it is unpaid or paid to get you ahead of the rest of your graduating class.

Here are a few tips to impress your potential future employers during your internship:

  • Don’t be late
  • Be proactive, always look for an opportunity to learn
  • Ask as many questions as you possibly can
  • Lastly, connect with as many people at the company as you possibly can.


Job hunting as a new graduate is a challenge that many of us have experienced and many more will.  It is important to understand that it is a process that everyone must go through and that there are tips and methods that can help improve your chances.  Follow these four points mentioned above to help ease your transition into the workforce and stand out from the competition.


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