Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and globalized world, diversity and inclusion have become crucial factors in the hiring process.  It is essential to understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and the benefits that it brings to the company and the employees.   When we talk about diversity, we’re recognizing the differences that exist between individuals… Read More »

Effects of increase in minimum wage on the economy and businesses

The Ontario government has recently announced that it will be raising the minimum wage once again, this time to $16.55 an hour on October 1, 2023.  As the province and country continue to combat inflation and the high cost of living that comes with it, this increase will mean that close to 1 million workers… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Different Interview Formats

Hiring is a big part of every company’s success as hiring the right person verus hiring the wrong person is highly impactful to a company’s future.  Employers do their due diligence by conducting an extensive interview and screening process and each company go through many years of trial and error, as well as researching the… Read More »

What the Top Talents are looking for in 2023!

We are one month into 2023 and there are still mix feelings as to how the year is going to turn out for everyone.  With talks for a looming recession hanging over our heads for the past few months, some businesses are still in a holding state to wait and see how things will play… Read More »

How to: Make the Right Hire in 2023

Happy New Year!  To kickstart the year in 2023, many are ready to leave the past few years behind them and look to brighter days ahead.  Although talks of a looming recession have been around us over the past few months, some businesses are hopeful that this is the years things turn around for them. … Read More »

Economic Outlook in Canada for 2023: What it means for companies looking to hire

Heading into 2022, everyone was hopeful about the state of the economy as vaccines were rolling out and everyone was ready to wave goodbye to COVID shutdowns that have lingered since 2020.  Now that we only have one month remaining in 2022, let’s do a quick recap of the Canadian (and world) economy for the… Read More »

How to attract more applicants to your job openings

As we reflect on 2022, how successful was your team in attracting talent this year?  Were you able to fill all your job openings in a timely fashion or was it difficult to catch the attention of the talent that you want.   Whether you’re scrambling to make the last minutes hires for the year,… Read More »

A Glimpse into the Minds of Today’s Talent

It’s very important for employers to keep their ears to the ground and understand what their own talent and talent in the market are looking for.  Often, the difference between keeping your employees and being able to hire on new talent versus losing your employees and not attracting any new talent is only a matter… Read More »

Attracting Talent from Different Generations

The idea of diversity in the workforce is very important to a business’s success and has been a topic for many years now.  Diversity can come in many forms and one that often gets overlooked is the different times in which people grew up and the norms during those times.  Over the years, how people… Read More »

Conducting a Confidential Search with a Recruitment Firm

Most companies will post their job openings on social media and spread the news through word of mouth when there’s a need to hire for position for the team.  Some companies may even reach out to a trusted Recruitment Firm, such as Expand Reach because of the benefits that comes with having a partner help… Read More »