What Job Seekers Look For When Deciding On A New Job

Job Seekers look for new jobs for many reasons.  When you’re unemployed, there is an obvious reason, but when you’re working, those reasons maybe more difficult to see.  No matter what the reasons may be, it seems that everyone are looking for the same things when it comes to finding a new job.   Below… Read More »

The importance of Professional References and Reference Letters when making your career moves

People change jobs and careers for many different reasons and sometimes they are so eager for the change that they just drop everything in their current role as soon as they have secured a new job.  This is a mistake that can be very costly to your career even if you don’t see an immediate… Read More »

How a Trusted Recruitment Partner can help your Business!

As companies compete for talent in the market, everyone is looking for new ways to find and attract talent.  And with new tools and resources coming out each year, companies just don’t know which the best tool is to invest in.  There is however one resource that has been tested by time and have continuously… Read More »

How a Trusted Recruiter can help your Career Growth!

While everyone dreams about career advancements and finding new and exciting opportunities, many people do not enjoy the actual process of job searching and going through the interview process.  It holds true for those who are out of work and desperately trying to find one, or those who are employed and simply can’t find the… Read More »

Securing the Talent that You Want onto Your Team!

You’ve gone through your rounds of interviewing prospective candidates for your team to find that perfect match and it only takes one to fill your current requirement.  If you’re lucky, you may end up with that strong fit for your team and you must act fast to secure the talent or else you may lose… Read More »

2019 INTERVIEW TIPS #3: Tips on How to Perform Your Best at an Interview

You’ve been preparing for days, and sometimes weeks, leading up to your interview and it’s finally here.  Remember, you’ve done all that you can to prepare for this day, now it’s time to leave a lasting impression on your interviewers!   Here are a few tips to help you perform your best at an interview:… Read More »


For many people, going for an interview may only happen once every few years.  It can get the most confident individuals a little nervous especially if you’re interviewing with a company that you really want to work for or a position that would take your career to the next step.   If you’re reading this,… Read More »

So, you’ve attracted the Talent you want, what’s next?

When an Employer has successfully attracted the Talent they want from the labour market, they need to move quickly as they are competing with other Companies to offer the best opportunity to these prospective candidates.   With hundreds of resumes sitting in your inbox, here are a few things to keep in mind as you… Read More »

2019 Interview Tips #1: The Phone Interview – How to Prepare for the Unexpected Call

You’ve spent hours updating your resume and weeks applying to new job opportunities.  Finally, you receive the call regarding one of the positions that you had applied for.  You never know when you will receive that call, and it could be while you’re at work, while you’re driving, or while you’re in a meeting.  Here… Read More »

A Few Tips on the Do’s and Dont’s for your Resume!

Employers and recruiters receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes each day.  While Job Seekers are competing against other applicants for the same job, they also only have less than 10 seconds to catch their readers’ interest to review their profile further.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts tips to maximize your chances in those… Read More »