So, you’ve attracted the Talent you want, what’s next?

When an Employer has successfully attracted the Talent they want from the labour market, they need to move quickly as they are competing with other Companies to offer the best opportunity to these prospective candidates.   With hundreds of resumes sitting in your inbox, here are a few things to keep in mind as you… Read More »

2019 Interview Tips #1: The Phone Interview – How to Prepare for the Unexpected Call

You’ve spent hours updating your resume and weeks applying to new job opportunities.  Finally, you receive the call regarding one of the positions that you had applied for.  You never know when you will receive that call, and it could be while you’re at work, while you’re driving, or while you’re in a meeting.  Here… Read More »

A Few Tips on the Do’s and Dont’s for your Resume!

Employers and recruiters receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes each day.  While Job Seekers are competing against other applicants for the same job, they also only have less than 10 seconds to catch their readers’ interest to review their profile further.  Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts tips to maximize your chances in those… Read More »

Are Job Seekers Interested To Join Your Team In 2019?

One month has passed in 2019 and while some companies may have been planning for months on their hiring needs for this year, others may have just started looking at forecasting and their budgets.  As employers examine their hiring needs for the year, we must first understand the current labour market and trends.   Last… Read More »

Are You Looking to Change Jobs in 2019?

Many people look at the New Year as a good time for a new beginning.  As we turned the page from 2018, some of you may be thinking about changing jobs.  Here are a few tips for all the Job Seekers out there to help you in the process:   1) Consider taking the first… Read More »

We’re EXPANDING our REACH on the Internet!

Expand Reach is starting off the New Year with a Brand New Website! You can visit us online at  Share this news with everyone so that we may all be connected and expand our networks together!   If you are a Job Seeker searching for new opportunities, be sure to check out our Careers Page or… Read More »