Are You Looking to Change Jobs in 2019?

Many people look at the New Year as a good time for a new beginning.  As we turned the page from 2018, some of you may be thinking about changing jobs.  Here are a few tips for all the Job Seekers out there to help you in the process:


1) Consider taking the first step out of your ‘comfort zone’

For many people, even just the thought about changing jobs creates an uneasy feeling.  We get so comfortable in our jobs that we don’t want to break out of our 8 hours a day, 5 days a week routine.  Before you even start looking for a new job, you must be mentally prepared for breaking out of your comfort zone in the process.


2) Evaluate your skills and update your resume

Most of us do not update our resume unless we are looking for a new job.  Once you have decided you are ready to change jobs, you must update your resume.  Be sure to include any new skills, education and experience that you have gained to date.  It is important that you have an updated resume ready as this will be the first impression that you give to potential employers and recruiters.


3) Research, research, research

With your mind made up and your updated resume in hand, what you want to do next is do your research.  The first thing you want to find out is, what jobs demand your skills and experience?  Second, what companies are looking for these skills and experience that you bring?  Third, know your worth and what the market is paying for someone like you.  Being equipped with this information goes a long way to helping find the right opportunity for you.


4) Set a plan and be committed

Next, you want to plan how you are going to approach your job search.  Just like anything else, unless you have a plan of action, you may find yourself reverting to your old ways and staying comfortable again.  You know what works for you best, so plan accordingly so that it is something you can follow through until you find your next job.


5) Look at all your options and network

As you start looking for your new job, there are many ways to find new opportunities. There are many job posting sites, company career boards, and social media and professional networking websites. Go out and network with other professionals in your industry or industries that you’re interested in. Don’t forget your family and friends who can offer very convincing and reliable recommendations. And lastly, a local and industry-specialized recruiter can introduce and help match you with great opportunities and employers that you may not know about.


6) Make it a priority

Once you start your search for a new job, sooner or later you will catch someone’s attention and they may be interested in speaking with you about a job opportunity.  Make it a priority to go to an interview.  This is going to be the first interaction a potential employer has with you and you must show them that you are just as interested in meeting with them as they are in you.


7) Be prepared

Be sure to review your resume, your skills and your work experience.  This is the starting point of any conversation in an interview setting.  Make sure you also do your research on the company and the industry.  And lastly, just be prepared that the interviewers will be asking you lots of questions during the interview.


8) Don’t hesitate

After going through an interview process, both you and the company will decide whether you are the right match for each other.  If there is a mutual agreement that you are a good match, the company will make you an offer of employment.  Given that the terms of the offer are satisfactory to you, do not let yourself talk you out of change because you have prepared yourself for this moment.


Just remember, opportunities go to those who are prepared!  Make sure to follow these few tips to ensure that you are ready for any opportunities that come your way this year and that you will be ready for change when the moment arrives!


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