Why Mentioning Your Salary to a Recruiter Could Be Beneficial to You

You may have seen many suggestions on websites where the title mentions “never tell your salary to a recruiter, here’s why”. Unfortunately, I would consider this an outdated rule and it could in fact work against you. Recruiters are experts in terms of knowing the type of candidates their potential employers are looking for and… Read More »

Ontario Implements New Licensing Requirements for THA (Temporary Help Agencies) and Recruiters

Exciting changes are underway in the recruitment industry with ONTARIO REGULATION 99/23 made under the EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ACT, 2000 introducing new licensing requirements for THA (Temporary Help Agencies) and Recruiters operating within the province of Ontario.  For years, there has been cries for licensing in the industry to prioritize transparency, professionalism, and the protection of… Read More »