How to: Make the Right Hire in 2023

Happy New Year!  To kickstart the year in 2023, many are ready to leave the past few years behind them and look to brighter days ahead.  Although talks of a looming recession have been around us over the past few months, some businesses are hopeful that this is the years things turn around for them.  To do so, this means that they will need all the extra help they can get and here are a few tips for businesses on how you can ensure to make the right hires for your teams!


1) Define the role

In order to find what you need, you must first know what it is that you are looking for.  Businesses need to define clearly the position that they’re hiring for so that when searching, you’re looking for the right qualities in candidates and job seekers can understand the role actually is.


2) Find the best person to make the hire

The best person to do the hiring may not always be the business owner or the direct manager.  As a business grows, there are many different positions and one person in the company may not be able to assess all of them.  Therefore, you may need to involve multiple people or find the most qualified individual on the team to assess certain roles.


3) Know the market situation

Assess the talent pool and understand how many candidates there are available.  If there is a limited amount of qualified candidates, you may need to plan ahead and start searching months before your actual need to fill positions, and you may also need to reassess must haves from nice to haves when selecting potential candidates.


4) Talent is everywhere

After having gone through 2+ years of remote working, companies can no longer say that it is impossible to have people working remotely eventhough some still argue about a drop in productivity.  Nonetheless, the trend of remote work is still preferred by most and companies lose out on all sorts of talent by restricting their talent pool to their local proximity.  With a larger pool, you have a greater chance of finding great candidates and sometimes even at a fraction of the cost if you’re situated in a high cost labour market.


5) Pay transparency

More and more companies are choosing to include the salary offered for their jobs as pay transparency is becoming more and more expected.  Gone are the days where you do not know know how much the jobs that you’re applying for will be paying until you’re given an offer.  You go through


6) No education, no experience, no problem

A big part of whether a candidate is right for your team isn’t determined by what’s on the resume.  For the longest time, two key criteria for businesses have always been education and relevant experience.  The right candidate is actually a combination of the individual’s personality, attitude, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and more.  You’re hiring a person and not what they’ve put down on a piece of paper.  Knowledge and skills can be taught, experience can be accumulated, therefore you must get to know the person in front of you to see if they will be a fit for your team.


7) Hire for long term and the best may not be the most fitting

In general, a business should never hire just based on immediate needs, but hiring should be part of long-term, strategic planning.  Sometimes the urgency to fill a void keeps decision makers from seeing the big picture and make decisions that might not be best for the company as it progresses through different stages.  The fit is often times overlooked when you’re just looking for a fix for your immediate problem, but it’s easier to solve problems over longer periods of time when you build a strong core team that share the same vision for the company.


8) Expertise versus well-rounded

Depending on the needs for the position, you may require a specialist who can do one thing very well and one thing only, or you will need someone who wears multiple hats and they can manage in all areas.  Figure out the needs of your business and fill in the gaps.


9) A new perspective on referrals

The traditional school of thought is that getting referrals from family, friends, acquittances, current employees are a reliable source of good talent as people put their reputation on the line to refer or give recommendation on someone, therefore that individual must be good.  This has been time tested with many businesses using this as one of their main methods for hiring.  But everything has two sides to it and the more recently school of thought on referrals is that it may not provide enough diversity for businesses, which is highly valued more and more so in recent years.  The thought is that individuals referred from the same networks and social circles will generally be similar with one another and you’ll end up with a team that is one dimensional.


10) Everyone’s time is valuable

Lengthy recruitment and interview processes serve both employers and job seekers a disservice as both invest many hours over several days and weeks not knowing if anything will come out of it in the end.  It is important to refine your process, set a timeline, and stay on track to ensure you’re efficient in how you’re hiring.


11) Don’t second guess yourself and trust your instinct

Sometimes there’s no logic nor is there a way to calculate who’s the right candidate for the job.  Many companies have candidates do many different personality assessments, skill testing, multiple choice quizzes, but sometimes those still don’t give you a definitive answer that you’re looking for.  That is why you should always trust you instincts and never dismiss them throughout the hiring process because you know what’s best for your business and your team.


Now that you’re equipped with these tips, you are one step closer to making the right hires this year and getting one step closer to your business goals.


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