New Year, New you.

As cliché and corny as the saying may be, now is a good time to reflect on this past year and set new goals and resolutions for the year ahead. For a lot of people, it could be starting their careers or looking for new opportunities. With a fresh start and the momentum that comes with the new year, it can be an exciting time to take on new challenges.


Here is a quick list to help you get started off the right foot as we countdown the days to 2023!

Patience and Persistence

It should come as no surprise that many new goals and resolutions in the new year, most people stereotypically quit within the first month. We’ve all seen the inspiring year end posts that people make when they do stick with their goals.  It takes a long time to develop good habits or routines, and one of the best pieces of advice is to slowly transition into big changes rather than taking giant steps as it can be significantly harder to implement and maintain in your current lifestyle.


If you are looking for new opportunities or wanting to kickstart your career, rejections can become a common thing, and after a while, even expected.  It is imperative that you keep going at it because with hard work and perseverance, everything will eventually fall into place.  And with a routine built around seeking new opportunities you can guarantee achieving something each day that adds to your goals.


Setting Goals

To achieve the growth you want, you must first know what it is that you’re striving for.  It’s best to have a gameplan as it can be quite frazzling in trying to figure such life changing moments such as improvements or goals in an impromptu fashion.  Without a proper plan of action, you’ll soon realize that years have flown by and you’re not any closer to where you want to be.  You can set minor goals along the way so that you can realistically reach each checkpoint giving you a boost after achieving each point along the way towards your bigger goals.  This way, you give yourself a chance to celebrate your growth as we deserve to treat ourselves occasionally to prevent burnout.


Updating Resumes and Profiles

It’s always best to update your resume and social media profiles consistently and what better time to reintroduce ourselves to the world than at the beginning of a new year.  By reflecting on what we currently do and what we have to offer, we can showcase our strengths to everyone else, while peeking at areas of improvement that we can work on ourselves.


As profiles and online personas are a summary of oneself, it can be easier to figure out what exactly you’d want in a new role as someone may have an idealized identity that they want to achieve.  By setting a game plan, you can knock off a list of things you want by summarizing your roles and responsibilities and this could show you that you’re either a long way from your goal or you’re closer than you could have imagined.



Networking is an absolute important aspect to growth. Even though everyone’s on a different path in life, there are lessons that could be learned from others and knowledge that you can gain from those who are on a similar path or are further ahead towards the same goals as you.  Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, or ask for advice, or better yet, find a mentor who can show you the ropes and teach you the lessons they’ve learnt and the mistakes that they’ve made.  This could give you new ideas or a better idea of your next step and how to approach it.



Now is a good time to set yourself up for success in the new year by reviewing your goals and habits so that you can grow and look back proudly at the same time next year of the achievements you’d made. With a clear goal in mind, patience, and a little help from others, it is definitely possible to achieve an exciting next step in your life.


From all of us here at Expand Reach, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and all the best in the new year with your goals and dreams!


Photo Credit: Women hand writing new years resolution on note paper in new year everyday by Our-team on Freepik

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