How to attract more applicants to your job openings

As we reflect on 2022, how successful was your team in attracting talent this year?  Were you able to fill all your job openings in a timely fashion or was it difficult to catch the attention of the talent that you want.


Whether you’re scrambling to make the last minutes hires for the year, or you’re planning for 2023, here are a few tips on how you can attract more qualified applicants to your job openings:


1) Quick and Easy Application Process

Nothing turns away good candidates quicker than a lengthy, manual application process.  Applying for jobs should be easy, simply and take minimal effort.  Candidates should be able to upload a resume and the information within the resume should auto populate any forms that need to be filled out.  Time is important for Candidates too and they will simply not apply to a position if the same amount of time can be used to apply to five or ten other ones.


2) Using the Right Keywords

In a world where everything is found online by entering words into a search bar, it is important that you select the right keywords so that your job postings or posts in general to attract candidates will appear to the right audience.


3) Test different job titles

Different job titles appeal to different candidates.  Sometimes the same role and responsibilities are shared across various positions and what your team is looking for may also take on many forms.  Consider the type of candidates you want to attract and whether the job title will draw their attention.


4) Improve your Job Descriptions

Without knowing anything, the only thing that candidates can go by is the job description about the position.  It is an opportunity to give a quick pitch about the company, the responsibilities, the benefits and perks, and required qualifications to be successful.


5) Work with a Specialized Recruitment Specialist

When you have a specialist recruitment partner like Expand Reach who can handle all of your technical recruiting needs, your team can free up time to focus on your business knowing that there are experts who are devoting their time to fulfill your requirements.  With the team, resources, and network of candidates available at our finger tips, we are ready to jump onto any search for your team.


6) Target the Right Audience on the Right Platform

Different social media platforms will have a different audience.  You must know where to find the candidates you want and use those platforms to spread your message.  One message to the right audience is far better than hundreds of messages sent to the wrong ones.


7) Sell! Sell! Sell!

Sometimes where businesses fall short in attracting and securing talent is by not selling themselves.  Candidates are not just going to take any opportunities that come in their direction and will choose the one that best suits them.  In order to compete for the best talent available, companies are scrambling to differentiate themselves and to take it one step further, they must sell to the candidates how they stand out from the rest.  Tell candidates about your great company culture, the flexibility you offer your team, the benefits and perks that come with the job, and any other selling points that make people want to join you.


8) Be Transparent

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark or lied to so it’s best to be open and transparent about everything from the interview process, feedback after each round of interviews, challenges of the position, work environment, hours of work, salary, expectations, and more.  When candidates feel that you are not hiding anything, they will be more comfortable about your team and potentially work there.


9) Positive Candidate Experience

From the moment that a candidate applies and through the interview and selection process, they are evaluating your team as their potential future employer.  A good candidate experience is like a glimpse of what’s to come and a positive experience will lead to positive results.  Employers must ensure that they keep their candidates engaged throughout the process with regular and timely follow ups after each stage with clear indication of what to expect.


10) Keep Your Talent Pool Full

It is important that the search for candidates isn’t happening only when the need arises.  Companies must anticipate their needs and actively fill their talent pool for when an opening comes up, they have the talent available already.  Ways to keep your talent pool full is by having ongoing job postings for positions that you regularly need to fill, have an effective Employee Referral Program that your team are excited to participate in, and have a trust recruitment partner who understands your needs that can keep an eye out for potential candidates that could be a good match for your team.


Finding the right talent is not easy, follow these tips to give yourself an edge over your competition to build your team!


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