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If you are not working in a high demand career, it can be hard and tiresome when trying to find a new position. To have a successful job search, you need to have a plan that will help you stand out to recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers to land your desired job.  Here are 4 tips that can help maximize your chances in get the dream job that you’ve always been looking for during your next job search.


1) Get to know yourself first

To begin, it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you want out of your career, to know what will give you the most satisfaction in your life and career.  Understanding yourself better will help align your personal goals with your career ones giving you a clear indication as to what you need to look for in your search.

Do some research about the companies that you are considering as it will help you figure out whether the companies’ goals, culture, and environment aligns with what you’re looking for.  Knowing more about the company can also help you during the interview as it shows your interviewer that you’ve done your homework and your interest and excitement about the opportunity.


2) Opportunities can be found in many ways

Do not just limit yourself on where to look for new opportunities when you are searching for new jobs.  Don’t just apply to jobs through on jobsite, or search on anyone platform, or connect with other professionals in your industry through one social media outlet.  Be proactive when searching for a new job, use all the different methods including job fairs, company open houses, connecting with HR or hiring managers through social media, and if you’re going to be searching, make sure to search on multiple job search engines.  It is beneficial to make yourself known to the people who influence the choices in the hiring process no matter the methods you choose.


3) Prepare for job interviews

As mentioned before, doing your research about a company can impress interviewers showing your preparation and interest.  When preparing, you can also search for common interview questions and practice how to answer them.  Be sure to relate your answers to the position and how your past experiences have prepared you for it.  By giving examples, it can also help the interviewer better understand how you are a fit for the role.  Your answers should also give the interviewer a glimpse into you as an individual and how you would fit into their company culture and the team.  Ask a friend or family member to help you practice and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be in an actual interview.


4) Following up after an interview

One thing that many people are still not doing is to follow up with the interviewer and company after the interview.  A simple a thank you note and follow up shows your genuine interest and will help you stand out from other.  Express your continued, or in some cases, increased interest in the opportunity and their company after meeting with them will leave zero doubt in their minds that you are excited to join their team.


5) Stay positive

Job searching can sometimes be a long process that may or may not lead to the results you’re hoping for. Finding the job that you desire does not happen overnight, and you need to be in the right mindset that it is a journey with many twists and turns.  When you expect it to be a long job search to start, and it turns out to be much smoother and shorter process, you’ll be much happier with the process. No matter what situation you find yourself in, stay positive and persist through it and this type of mindset will keep you stress free when finding the job that you desire.

It can be difficult looking for a new job but being prepared and understanding what you are looking for can make the process a little easier.  Whether you are a university graduate or an experienced worker, by following these few simple tips, it will help you refine and focus yourself and make your job searching journey more pleasant in finding the right position for you.

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