Recognizing that you have found the Right Candidate

As we enter the last quarter of 2021, many businesses have found it harder and harder to secure the right talent for their team.  In 2020, we saw a large number of unemployment at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, but that number has decreased as economies started to reopen and companies shifted their business models to hybrid-remote-working.  And as the year past in 2021, those who lost their jobs have secured new positions within the same fields or have moved on to something new completely.


While companies need to proceed with caution when hiring during an economic recovery, they also need to realize that they are competing with every other company out there for talent.  It is important to balance caution with decisiveness and quick decision making.


When it comes to recruitment, hiring managers and business leaders need to understand what they need for their business and be able to recognize when it is in front of them.  Below are just a few signs that you may have found the Right Candidate for your team, and you should act quickly to secure the talent.


1) They have done their homework and are well-prepared


The right Candidate will have spent time to research your company and the position in detail with a list of tailored questions that are unique and has some depth to them.  This shows that they are enthusiastic to learn more and is genuinely interested about a long-term stay and growth with your team.


They would know all they can find out about your company, products / services, the responsibilities of the position, who your competitors are, and your company’s mission, vision, and core values to be able to determine that they are genuinely interested in the opportunity.


2) They know strengths and recognizes their weak points

The right Candidate knows what their strengths are and can pinpoint specific ones explaining how they are an asset to your company and the position.  Those that can recognize what skills are important shows that they understand what is required to excel in the position.


They are also not afraid to talk about their weaknesses.  Those who are self-aware of their shortcomings are more likely to act on it and try to improve themselves than those who try to hide their flaws because they may not want to or can’t change.


3) They have a proven track record

The right Candidate tells you what they can do, and they have accomplishments and examples to back it up.  Those who are knowledgeable and skilled at what they do are not afraid to prove it by talking about previous achievements and the details of it.


The ability to show that not only can they do it, but they’ve done something similar in the past just goes to show that they know their stuff.


4) They are show passion and are highly engaged

The right Candidate not only tells you that they are interested, but it is displayed in their actions, excitement in the voice, body language, and enthusiasm through all your interactions.  Those that are passionate about what they do, they love to share and take pride in their work and is easily recognizable in how they describe their work.


5) They have solutions to your problems

The right Candidate not only understands your pain points but has ideas for possible solutions to your problems.  They are usually forward-thinking with out-of-the-box thinking.  They bring a new perspective and new ideas to the conversation to help spark new solutions to a problem.


They are usually not afraid to be the first to speak out their ideas because they know it will only help the process and stimulate other ideas to be shared and then further refined until a solution is available.


6) They are personable and show signs of being a team player

The right Candidate is someone who thrives in a collaborative work environment and shows personality traits of someone who can get along with anybody.  They understand that to achieve great things, you cannot do it alone and works great with their peers, contributing to greater goals and objectives of the company.


7) They are great communicators

The right Candidate is also someone who can communicate their ideas and solutions to problems clearly and in a concise manner.  They can communicate with everyone from internal to external, senior management to front-line staff.  They have can tailor their message and delivery method to their audience to ensure that all parties understand and gets the same message.


They understand the importance of communication and will keep all lines of communication open throughout the interview process.


8) There are no immediate ‘Red Flags’

The right Candidate will not lead you to have any cause of concern throughout the interview process.  Sometimes a candidate may say something (or avoid answering certain questions) that could raise suspicions on their motivates.


Some common concerns that you must address immediately include:

  • Gaps or short durations in employment throughout their career
  • Regression in job title / seniority / pay
  • Job titles that do not match their level of experience level
  • Prolonged unemployment
  • Lack of / negative references


If you overlook any red flags out of a fear of losing a great candidate, the cost in the end may be much greater when you’ve made the wrong hire.


If you find yourself in a position with a candidate who exhibits some, or all the above signs, then you may have found yourself the right Candidate for your team.  Now it’s time to secure the talent and remember to act fast before someone else takes them off the market.


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