Benefits of working with a recruiter

You may think that by applying to many job postings online, you can successfully land a job on your own.  “So, why should I work with a recruiter?”


As more people are getting their first and second doses of vaccines, and life is looking to reach a normal sooner than expected, companies are anticipating their hiring needs for the remainder of the year.  As agency recruiters, we have noticed that companies are resuming their hiring with more urgent needs. Here are some insights into the benefits of working with agency recruiters, and how we can help put you ahead of the competition.



Getting you in front of the hiring managers at the right time

If you’re applying online, you may be one of a few hundred different applicants. You may think that the best way for you to stand out could be to apply directly to the company.  Hiring managers have their regular responsibilities they must take care of, and it could be very possible that they miss or even ignore a few resumes here and there.


As a recruiter, we are responsible to filter and screen through a sea of candidates to find the most qualified ones to put in front of the hiring managers.  We can directly contact the hiring manager and pitch your profile to them and why you would be a great fit. Since we spend that extra time to get to know you better aside from purely technical abilities, the hiring manager will have more information about you when reviewing your profile.


And sometimes, knowing the needs of a business allows recruiters to simply present talent to the hiring managers even when there may not be a job posting.  When hiring managers receive a good candidate, they will not just ignore them and there may be something in the works that will be available.  This allows us to get them the talent they need as soon as the jobs become open.



Knowledge of job openings not publicly posted

As recruiters, we have a relationship with businesses and key stakeholders, and we know what they are really looking for and when they need them.  Since we are in constant contact with the client, we are quick to learn about new hires, where the team needs support, and hiring plans for the near future.  Sometimes, they solely rely on us to help them find the talent they need and the general public may not even catch wind of it at all.


Furthermore, when you apply to any job openings, you only know as much as what is available on the job descriptions.  It will go as far as telling you what the job responsibilities would be, and qualifications to be even considered.  As recruiters, we can pick the brains of the hiring managers as to what exactly they’re looking for and some of the things that would like to find that cannot be all fitted onto a job description.


In addition, we gain knowledge and information over the years from working with businesses.  These are informal details that the client may not explicitly tell us but are shown through their hiring decisions over the years, and can be used to your advantage during your interactions with them.


Tips and insight about the interview

When you work with a recruiter, we can give you tips and insights on what to expect in the interview.  Our goal is to get you the job, and we want you to go into that interview prepared and with confidence. During this stage, we can guide you and offer insight from the hiring manager on what the interview may be like, as well as information from the experience of previous candidates, and what questions to expect and how to best answer them.



Negotiate salary on your behalf

As a recruiter, we can have those uncomfortable conversations on your behalf, and nothing is more daunting than talking about salary during an interview.  Many job seekers worry that if they ask for more money, they may risk their chance of being considered for the position and being passed up for another candidate who may be asking for less.

We have insight into what salary ranges the client has budgeted for certain positions, so we can ensure you whether you fall within those ranges and can show off your skills and / or experiences that will justify your asking salary.



As a recruiter, our job doesn’t end with you landing your new job.  Even after you receive an offer and start a new position, we are always available to offer our support and ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable process.  We can offer you all the benefits above and more, all while not costing you anything but your time to speak with us so that we get to know you and can represent you in the best light.


If you find a good recruiter to work with, you will clearly see that you now have better interview tips, timing, knowledge of the job, and someone there to guarantee a smooth recruiting process. We look out for both our candidates and clients’ best interests to ensure both parties are happy in the end.


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