Preparing for the interview with the Hiring Manager

After speaking with a recruiter, you were able to land an opportunity to meet with the hiring manager and you are thinking, “this is going to be easy”, right?  Wrong!


Talking with a recruiter is just the first step in the hiring process where the recruiter gets a good idea of your abilities and to see whether you are qualified for the position for a meeting with the hiring manager.  When meeting with the hiring manager, this is where your knowledge about the industry, the company, and the role will be tested and you need to convince them that you are exactly what they need for the position.


Here are three tips to maximize your chances of landing your next dream job by showing the hiring manager that you are the right person for that job.


Research about the Company

It is especially important you familiarize yourself with on the details about the company to show your interest in joining their team.  A perfect resource for this would be to visit their company website and LinkedIn profile where you should be able to find out about their company culture, history, values, and their products or services.  With this information, you can better understand how your skillset can fit into their business and how you can leverage your experience to fit what they are looking for.


Another key information that can be found is insight on who the key members of the company are which leads to the next point.


Knowing the hiring manager

If you are working with a recruiter, you are most likely told who you will be meeting with for your interview.  With a name and a job title, you would be surprised how much information you can find sometimes simply by doing a quick search online.  Resources such as the company website may give you some information about their history with the company.  And their LinkedIn profile could give you their career history, progression within the company, and sometimes even personal information such as their hobbies and interest.  Also, having a face and name of who you will be meeting with is a huge confidence boost when entering the interview with the hiring manager.


By having all this information, you can connect and relate yourself to their experiences and “break the ice” which would turn a typical interview into a great conversation!


Work closely with your recruiter

You should always establish a good relationship with a recruiter and work closely with them, as they want help you land your next job, almost just as much as you do.  They will take the time to get to know you in the hopes that they can best showcase your talents to the hiring manager.  Use any opportunities you get with the recruiter to find out more about the company and what exactly is required for the job.


Ask any questions that were not brought up or questions you may have prior to your meeting with the hiring manager.  Also, ensure that the recruiter understands everything that you want as they know very well what the company and the position can offer.  Make sure that your expectations can be satisfied by this opportunity and that you and your recruiter are on the same page.  The worst thing that can happen when meeting with a hiring manager is any surprises that were not disclosed by the recruiter to them.


Remember, in today’s day and age, information is the key to success when you are competing against others for your dream job.  Put in the work to research all that you can about the company and the hiring manager, and to gain some insider information, having a trusted recruiter in your corner a big advantage to have over other job seekers. Take advantage of having a recruiter to maximizing your chances of getting the job.  But just remember, the recruiter’s role is only to show the candidate the doors of opportunities leading to your dream job and it is still up to you to open it and get pass the hiring manager to get your foot in the door!


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