Felix Ho

Phone: 905-415-8828 x5001

Felix has 10 years of experience providing technical recruitment assistance across five key industry sectors including: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, IT, and Manufacturing. Whether it is finding strong leadership qualities, unique skill sets, relevant experiences, or targeted searches for professionals, he establishes the key requirements with his clients to come up with a plan to find the right talent. He has also advised many professionals over the years with their job search and provided guidance in making difficult career-changing decisions.

Felix graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business & Economics and a specialization in Human Resources Management. This combination has allowed him to understand and anticipate market changes and assist his clients in coming up with the right strategy for attracting and recruiting for talent.

Felix founded Expand Reach in 2018 to fulfill his vision of creating a simple and efficient recruitment process which allows job-seeking professionals and talent-seeking companies to easily find the right match. His goal is to provide a more effective way of recruitment and helping Professionals and Companies expand their networks to reach new connections! Together with his team of Technical Recruiting Experts, it is their mission to connect with more professionals and companies to experience their unique approach to recruitment.

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