Zach Dunn

Account Executive / Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 905-415-8828 x5003

Zach joined Expand Reach in 2021 wanting to pursue his passion in helping people obtain new opportunities in their careers and exploring new industries. He actively looks for new avenues to expand his network so that he may share career advancing opportunities to potential job seekers, as well as talented professionals to growing organizations.

Zach graduated with a BCom in Human Resources and a specialization in Supply Chain Management. With experience in both Human Resources and Sales, it will allow him to combine the skills he has gain so far in his career with what he learned from his education, to create a positive recruitment experience in every interaction he has with job seekers and clients alike.

Zach loves to learn about hockey history and hanging out with friends. He enjoys fishing all over Ontario in the summer and playing hockey in the winter.

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